DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

Christmas, Racial Slurs, and Other Fun Things

1. My LJ now contains anonymous posts that include racial slurs. I refuse to delete them only because they paint a teling portrait of the person who posted them (at this point, I have no idea who the fuck is whom, and, from the beginning, had only best guesses as to who was saying what). Now that I no longer care, everything is better.

2. Feliz navidad.

4 (e). I received a most unexpected phone call last night from my Dead Girlfriend (make no mistake: my Dead Girlfriend will always refer to my Dead Girlfriend and NOT my Ex-Girlfriend - aka April Rose, the evil, vile, unforgivable slut-whore who broke my heart as if I were an unwanted circus trinket). She rang around midnight and we talked until 7 in the morning. It was everything one could hope from someone the day before Christmas Eve. Should auld acquaintance be forgot and all that... I wonder if there still might be a chance for us.

5 (a). I got to watch the end of "It's A Wonderful Life" tonight, my favorite Christmas movie. This on top of having gone to mass, fam Christmas, dinner, AND managing to secure a fresh bottle of Black Velvet.

D. My Christmas Gift To The Children of the Internet:

The best free, downloadable games on the INternet that I am playing in Yuma this year:


"N" - OMFG THIS GAME IS THE SHIT. Nuff said? No? Ok: run, jump, wall-climb, flee, fury, anger, vertical, half-pipe, explode, violent. Excellent. 500 levels. Free. Very hard. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

"DUO" - The best mindless waste of time since drinking alone while watching the USA network (which I am doing right now).

"Alien Arena" - Opensource FPS with old-school sensibilities (perfect weapon balance, etc.) and new-school graphics. Also works in a runtime environment stable enough for it to work well over my laptop and a hotel's net connection.
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I hope there is still a chance for you two. Not in a mean spiteful way, it's just that I want you to be happy. I am on page 10 of the music theory book, working two jobs and alone for christmas. I wont continue to litter your live journal I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and I know that you don't want any trace of me left. Goodbye Sethifer.
You never called. If you had cared, you would have called. I tried to call several times, but I (mercifully) did an excellent job of erasing your number from my phonebooks. Beyond that, it's unfair to say "goodbye, sethifer" so easily and glibly when you dropped me like a sack of fucking hammers JUST DAYS AFTER YOU LEFT.

New Year's is my least favorite holiday (even hated more than Christmas). I made my new years plans with you, even relearned to play my favorite new year's song for you, and you dropped me via text message and stopped answering my calls. You have no right to your own righteous indignation.

Hey, kiddo: I'm never one to take the easy way out, or to dodge total blame wherever blame is due (remember the 4 grand I won?), but you, on the other hand, are a piece of work. I hope you remember, UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE, what a mess you made of someone who had learned to never to trust another, then had the sad misfortune of trusting you. And now you blame me.

I would have called. But you obviously don't give a flying fuck. I wish I had burned the book.

The only guy who was never there for you when you needed someone or wanted anything and who never brought you flowers or a warm hat and gloves on a clod winter day,

(the forgotten) Seth

PS: ...
I love that movie.
Cheers, kiddo: we're two of the cool ids: most people I know won't openly aknowledge that they like IAWL, but I alway cry, and I always love it, and they suck, and we don't.

Have a happy and a healthy one; you sure deserve it. :-)
Dude, free gifts on Xmas! Thanks!

And may your day be merry and bright. ^_^

I must ninja in the night!
Merry Christmas, dearie, y felicidades en el año nuevo.
And a happy new year to you, my sweet!

be careful and safe and grateful for everything... God. I reek of cheese...

rigamortous is fun for you
rigamortous is fun for me!

happy jolly jive.

talk to you when i get back my friend
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