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Have a holly-jolly christmas...

You never called. If you had cared, you would have called. I tried to call several times, but I (mercifully) did an excellent job of erasing your number from my phonebooks. Beyond that, it's unfair to say "goodbye, sethifer" so easily and glibly when you dropped me like a sack of fucking hammers JUST DAYS AFTER YOU LEFT.

New Year's is my least favorite holiday (even hated more than Christmas). I made my new years plans with you, even relearned to play my favorite new year's song for you, and you dropped me via text message and stopped answering my calls. You have no right to your own righteous indignation.

Hey, kiddo: I'm never one to take the easy way out, or to dodge total blame wherever blame is due (remember the 4 grand I won?), but you, on the other hand, are a piece of work. I hope you remember, UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE, what a mess you made of someone who had learned to never to trust another, then had the sad misfortune of trusting you. And now you blame me.

I would have called. But you obviously don't give a flying fuck. I wish I had burned the book.

The only guy who was never there for you when you needed someone or wanted anything and who never brought you flowers or a warm hat and gloves on a clod winter day,

(the forgotten) Seth

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December 26 2005, 14:36:21 UTC 11 years ago

oh hell seth, give me a call and we'll meet for one drink (more if i can twist your arm)....it would mean a whole god damn lot to me. you can reach me at 372-8146
please, please, do

the headline in sundays paper reads
"Hope Reigns in Bethleham"

slouching with hope


December 27 2005, 13:26:56 UTC 11 years ago

Getting dumped by text is pretty rough.

That should judt let you know that she didn't have enough respect for you to pick up the phone and call you. To hell with her. Wipe your hands of her, dust off your shoes, listen to a sad song or two, mourn the loss and move on.