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Mail From China

I got a piece of mail from China today. Have you ever gotten mail from China? BUSINESS MAIL from CHINA? Imagine how crazy the thought of mail (as we know it, a quick and efficient system of postal delivery far beyond what was even capable 100 years ago) would seem to a Brit in the mid 1800's. Then imagine what a great 17th century explorer would think of a mass business mailing from one side of the world to the other. AND with 4-COLOR-PROCESS TO BOOT! If that doesn't beat all, then I don't know what does... oh, wait... bird flu.

The fortunes of mankind are changing, kids; it ain't the American century anymore. (Our President is an astonishingly narrow-minded, over-zealous, idiotic lunatic... we are all doomed :-(
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What's amazing is that it actually got there. I spent a summer in China my freshman year in college. Sent about 50 letters first class and only 2 of them made it.