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just for the fucking record

I have the best girlfriend in the world. She is super-hot, fun to be with (most of the time), funny, sweet, and (for reasons that I can't fathom) actually appears to enjoy my company.And that's not even the beginning of it. So there! (jabs Raperil in the eye before running away screaming in fear of the tickle war that will undoubtable ensue in retaliation for my actions).
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November 21 2005, 14:42:18 UTC 12 years ago

Oh, shut up.

Deleted comment

no doubt....we all love/have loved this crazy man, and if you really do/did let him be happy and stick your envy up your arse

ps. after much patience on our parts i would highly doubt the forthcoming prophecy of aformentioned "life-easers"
hmmmm,well......yeah. you sure know how to be loved.