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You have got to be kidding me...

Ok. SO I fall in love with this girl, sacrifice almost two months (where I don't touch a fucking piano o except on Fridays at the frog), don't keep a normal sleep (because she works late afternoons), lose my job, have my car and windows smashed up (an expensive proposition), and all sorts of other shit happens.
          The important part is that, about a month ago, she tells me that she wants me to teach her to read music. I show her a blue manuscript notebook and tell her that, by the time she leaves for Portland, the notebook will contain a full course with all she'll need to know to get started. I do this. I do this well.
          And then, well, I get an idea.
          What's she going to do in Portland, able to read music, but surrounded by a bunch of guitar weilding hippy friends? I thnk.... The answer comes to me. Then, yesterday, I cashed my paycheck, and played $40 on keno. I hit for a little bit of money, and me mind was made up: later that afternoon, I went to Sam Ash and bought her a fucking keyboard (an ok one, too!!!).
          I wrap this present, something that she's wanted since she was a kid (a keyboard), in blush rose wrapping paper. I affix the bow. I lead her intpo the room several hours later. She is impressed, blown away, even. That was last night. Tonight is another story altogether.
          She leaves in 6 days. Tonight she won't return my phone calls. She's too busy to see me. It's like I don't even fucking exist.
          So (as much as I love her), fuck her; let her call me the next time she wants to see me. I'm not moving a GODDAMNED muscle. I've deleted her from my cell phone... this is the ugly time.
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Are you absoletly sure that you're not my Id? Because, well, no, original question remains.


December 2 2005, 09:57:40 UTC 12 years ago

You are so quick to delete someone from your fucking cell phone. I don't know you guys, but I am quite certain that she has other friends besides you. Give her a break, dude.
we sacrafice that which we feel worthy
and we
do what we feel must be done
quite often, it is quite contrary
to our initial instincts

oh hell
i dont know what im saying
other than
its all fucked
terribly mixed up
and beautifully fucked
and that
my friend, dear, dear seth
is the story

so it goes


December 6 2005, 08:54:37 UTC 12 years ago

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading."
~ Henny Youngman
To hell with her, dude.

Women are nothing but scandalous panty droppers anyway.