DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

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Letting Go

Well, this was our last night together, and, all things considered, it could have gone a lot better. By the third time I woke up with her foot in my face as she tried to kick me out of her bed, I decided that it would be better if I just left. She wouldn't even wrap her arms around me in bed. I didn't wake her up, didn't kiss her goodbye, didn't do anything apart from get dressed and whisper "have a nice life, kiddo," before heading out into the icy black 4 am and back here to write about it. I figured that, if she was going to make me miserable, she might as well do it on my home turf, where the shittiness of the whole situation wouldn't be amplified by her presence. She leaves for Portland in 9 hours, and I won't see her again before she leaves.
          So then, (raises double shot of black velvet) so long to April Rose: a chapter in my life that will not soon be forgotten. Cheers.

Now then, back to bed for a few hours. Hopefully my dreams will be better than the reality.
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