DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

oh no

Broke and angry for more reasons than I can fathom at once without smashing things.

Never trust anyone; they'll only break your heart and destroy you. Life is a hallway called high school and the corridor never ends. And it just gets uglier and uglier and uglier.
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Time heals all. You're too young to be this cynical.
Older than you, girlie...
Under no uncertain circumstances you are quite possibly the biggest, whiningest little biatch in recorded history. Your blog is so peppered with narcisistisms it is pretty sickening.
Wake the fuck up, think about someone else for a change. You are not the only idiotic star in the sky, surely there have been bigger idiots than you and surely there will be more after you. Shut the fuck up and quit your incensed whining.

Quit reading it, then.

You go first, Indy.