DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

"I hope you die."

Things have come to rather catastrophic resolutions between me and April, but, the bottom line of it all is that, regardless of all the madness, I've found myself wondering if we really could have been married. It's pointless to think about now that everything is broken and shattered, but I can't help it.
          Regardless, it was the worst resolution to any relationship I've ever been in (that I was lucky enough to have end in a resolution) but my heart still softly hums her name. Either that, or the bronchitis she had really was contagious (my lungs sound like a fucking accordion). She broke my heart, and, even though I know why (in the practical sense), I can't understand why people are not better to each other.
          Apart from that, I'm waiting (somewhat intensely) for death. Or booze. Not sure yet...
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