DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

Christmas, Racial Slurs, and Other Fun Things

1. My LJ now contains anonymous posts that include racial slurs. I refuse to delete them only because they paint a teling portrait of the person who posted them (at this point, I have no idea who the fuck is whom, and, from the beginning, had only best guesses as to who was saying what). Now that I no longer care, everything is better.

2. Feliz navidad.

4 (e). I received a most unexpected phone call last night from my Dead Girlfriend (make no mistake: my Dead Girlfriend will always refer to my Dead Girlfriend and NOT my Ex-Girlfriend - aka April Rose, the evil, vile, unforgivable slut-whore who broke my heart as if I were an unwanted circus trinket). She rang around midnight and we talked until 7 in the morning. It was everything one could hope from someone the day before Christmas Eve. Should auld acquaintance be forgot and all that... I wonder if there still might be a chance for us.

5 (a). I got to watch the end of "It's A Wonderful Life" tonight, my favorite Christmas movie. This on top of having gone to mass, fam Christmas, dinner, AND managing to secure a fresh bottle of Black Velvet.

D. My Christmas Gift To The Children of the Internet:

The best free, downloadable games on the INternet that I am playing in Yuma this year:


"N" - OMFG THIS GAME IS THE SHIT. Nuff said? No? Ok: run, jump, wall-climb, flee, fury, anger, vertical, half-pipe, explode, violent. Excellent. 500 levels. Free. Very hard. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

"DUO" - The best mindless waste of time since drinking alone while watching the USA network (which I am doing right now).

"Alien Arena" - Opensource FPS with old-school sensibilities (perfect weapon balance, etc.) and new-school graphics. Also works in a runtime environment stable enough for it to work well over my laptop and a hotel's net connection.
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