DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

For Auld Lange Syne... or however the fuck you spell it...

They told me you called the bar tonight. Even after your most recent email (which was obscene), I forgive you and let go of everything. For the callous cruelty, for the brutal resignation, for the insensitivity, and for being so distant and unreachable during the last weeks. Fuck it. It truly was wonderful before it all turned to shit.

After I send this email, I'll no longer have any way of contacting you; all emails will be deleted, and it will all be over (which, from the day before you left, seems to be what you wanted in the first place). Happy new year, kiddo.

I have one favor to ask of you: burn the book. Immediately.

As ever,
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Life, it seems, can often be painful. If it makes you feel in the slightest bit cheerier, I bought your Blue Wizard book the other day - and thoroughly enjoyed it. For what it's worth.
Who are you, buddy? Do I know you? If so, then I'm sorry. If not, then I'm even more sorry. Either way, glad you enjoy the book. How'd you hear about it?
I bought it after I read about it an article in 'Edge' magazine (the article about books about videogames), although I think I heard about it before that, possibly. And no, you don't know me, although you may learn the sorry truth if you read my LJ.

By the way, I was wondering... what of your other books? I have no idea how to get hold of more material by you.