DrunkenWriter (rustyimmelman) wrote,

Shit! Shit! Been a long time!!...

I live. But I am still stuck on dial-up and both of my comps keep dying (for one reason or another) and money has been less than copious of late. As soon as everything gets sorted out (haha! YEAH, RIGHT!), I'll be back to posting on here again, but probably not for another couple of weeks.

Life: it's a lot like this.
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:hugs: I'm glad you're ok...
Oh man, I was just wondering what the hell happened to you not but two days ago. It's good to hear you're still on this plane of existence. Hope everything turns out for da best.
So apparently someone beat us to the punch. Still, it was fun hanging last night...i proceeded to kick the creature's ass after you left, but only to the tune of 180k... still, I will bury him.