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To Lurch:

Tried to send you an email tonight... It didn't work. Although I doubt if you will ever see this, please, call or email me. I have something for you. I miss you.

Straight from the library,

PS: To all others, I have kind of moved over to mind-erase (aka myspace. You can find me here. Or, go to myspace and search for "drunkenwriter." Yes, I am a defector!!!! Sorry, but I still love you guys!
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December 8 2006, 18:51:37 UTC 11 years ago

I'm pleased to know that you are still alive. I think about you very often and strangely enough, miss you. What do you have for me? Anthrax, Valium, a new puppy? I can't imagine what it might be. Suspense - I love it.

It's nearly time for our annual reunion (although we've missed 7+ years), not only to collect the enigmatic gift you speak of, but to chat about the meaningless events of 2006. Perhaps, we could accomplish this over a palatable, ultra-feminine martini or a tepid shot of stale JB. Either selection is fine with me. Your turn.

Haha! You have no idea how happy I am to see that you found this! The item I have for you is (all of the following, or none of the following):

1. Cryptic
2. Disturbing
3. Freakishly Strange
4. Horrifying
5. Fun
6. Great With Pets

Sadly, it is not a new (or hideously old) puppy...
That would have been AWESOME(!): the puppy that time forgot.

Give me a buzz, oh Perpetually Mysterious One.

(a very wasted) Seth
FYI: vegaswriter@gmail.com (same addie as before, but leads to an infinitely more twisted person)

Re: Response


11 years ago

Thank you for popping in with that adivce of yours. Hope all is well in liquor land. I shouldn't see why it wouldn't be. Back to the bottle for us then, right? Right.
Sorry please (:
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