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20 July
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This blog is kind of the bastard child of the Black Velvet News Service, a thing I started on Blogger about a year ago to fill folks in about the latest news at Rusty Immelman Press. Both things have spiralled way out of control.

Bottom Line(s)? Bar critic for alt-weekly paper. Drunken psychopath. Games journalist. Entertainment writer. Wastrel lunatic. Degenerate madman. Snappy dresser and thief of much (if not all) of your toothpaste.

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Date Created:2004-03-14
Number of Posts: 16

Few people can wield a bottle of Black Velvet with such awesome fury as Seth. One moment in his presence is like spending an entire week alone with an expatriated Mexican lunatic, wired to the gills with poorly translated quotidian ephemera.
Strengths: Insane, flammable, and often known to be %80 invisible %90 of the time.
Weaknesses: He is also a poet, and this often brings him shame.
Special Skills: Shot-glass assassin, drunken journalist, master of video game oriented minutea.
Weapons: Perpetually lit cigarette of death and small collection of straight razors. Oh, and words.
Favorite Joke of All-Time: What ever happened to Invisible Dan? I just don't see him around anymore. It's almost like he disappeared.

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